Recycle Carbon

Mach 3 Composites ♻ Program

Why recycle Carbon Fiber?

Mach 3 Composites (MIIIC) believes in doing the right thing for our environment. Being an environmentally conscious company we have decided to act in a positive, socially responsive manner towards our eco-system and composite products. Bringing you a recycle program is showing our interest in keeping the world green, healthy and safe for all present and future living creatures.

What can be recycled?

  • Carbon composites with carbon as UD or fabric reinforcement
  • Carbon / epoxy
  • Carbon / vinylester
  • Carbon / polyester

Do you sell or profit from the scrap material?

No, your scrap material goes to a professional recycling manufacturer with no perks or benefits for either party. Your contribution ensures the proper disposal of Carbon Fiber - Reinforced Polymer waste.

Can I get a discount if I recycle? What happens if I recycle a mach 3 composites product?

Yes, Although we encourage you to recycle for the benefit of our environment -not the discount- 5% for any scrap piece of Carbon Fiber - Reinforced Polymer. Mach 3 Composites will offer a 10% discount towards the purchase of any other item when you trade in any damaged Mach 3 Composite (mIIIc) iPad, iPhone or laptop case not covered under our warranty.

How long will you have this program for?

This program will never expire or change unless its in the benefit of recycling. We are open to any ideas of recycling mediums we might not be practicing.

Thank you - mIIIc

change starts with you - mIIIc